About Bob

I am a now a retired psychologists and having a blast. Can't say I miss the old job a bit. I do some consulting now but thankfully not in the field of psychology.

I  have had a lot of hobbies over the years but photography is one of them that has been a passion of mine since childhood. Now I'm more involved in it than ever and love it. I think photography has helped me see the world in a new light and to see things I might have otherwise not see at all. My favorite photography is nature and animal photography, at least for the moment but that could change tomorrow. The most important rewards I received form all of my hobbies were all the great people they brought me in contact with.
I like to make things and to learn everything I can about whatever I happen to be doing.

Grandmaster Robert L. Murphy


Had motorcycles most of my life but I sold it. To many crazy cars.


Sold the boat and bought a kayak.


Used to love to fly but have sold my plane.


When I flew I loved taking spin training lessons. Now this is the way to get high!.


My most recent toy, a very modified Mazda MX-5. This car if FUN.


At the drags


Just brought her home.


Joanie and I do a lot of traveling it. This was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


In the winners circle!

Didn't win anything, I was there for training and it was a rush!


One of my tall vases fired in the salt kiln.


A stone candel fired in the salt kiln. Produces a very clean flame from lamp oil.


Connie took this one of me.


Any questions, just ask.